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Cultivation Cast | Being Prepared

This week on the Cultivation Cast with Noah and Kevin, they discuss begin prepared for any issues that may arise during your grow. Having spare parts, backup feeding options and dealing with power outages are discussed.

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Cultivation Cast | Managing Genetics

In this week’s episode of Cultivation Cast, Kevin and Noah discuss managing genetics. From seeds and clones to maintaining mother plants learn the ins and outs of keeping your best genetics for future grows.

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Cultivation Cast | Loving Your Plants To Death

Thanks for joining us today on Cultivation Cast. In this episode Kevin and Noah discuss giving your plants a little too much love. Learn the common mistakes we all have made as growers and how to avoid them.

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Cultivation Cast | Light Movers

This week on the Cultivation Cast, Kevin and Noah discuss light movers and the role they play in your grow.


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Cultivation Cast | Greenhouse Lighting

This week Kevin and Noah explain the benefits of supplemental LED lighting in a greenhouse environment.

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Cultivation Cast | The Farm Bill

This week on Cultivation Cast, Noah and Kevin discuss the explosion of hemp in the marketplace and how the passing of the Farm Bill will affect the future of hemp.


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Cultivation Cast 12 | Canna Grow Course

This week Kevin and Noah discuss their upcoming hands on grow class Canna Grow Course. This class covers everything you need to know about cannabis cultivation. There will be instructors there to show you how to do everything from seed to harvest.

The course launches in November and you can learn more about the class and sign up at cannagrowcourse.com.

Cultivation Cast | Massachusetts Wattage Rules

In this week’s episode of Cultivation Cast, Noah and Kevin review the wattage rules for commercial growers in Massachusetts. They also reveal their findings from a test grow recently completed using these wattage guidelines.

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Cultivation Cast | Lighting

In this week’s episode of Cultivation Cast Noah and Kevin talk about lighting choices and hanging heights. There are a lot of things to consider when planning a personal or a commercial grow. How much space do you need? How much light and how many plants? Kevin and Noah give us a nice overview of everything to consider when making your lighting choices.

Cultivation Cast | Commercial Cultivators

Starting up a new commercial grow facility can be a daunting task. In this week’s Cultivation Cast, Noah and Kevin explain the process of determining your lighting needs for a commercial grow facility.

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